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Conflict Resolution Training for Executives

Conflict Resolution Skills for Executives

Innovation is driven by conflict. When conflict is handled correctly it strengthens relationships. When handled incorrectly, conflict destroys organizational climate. Leaders who embrace their audiences’ self-images, address conflict early, and resolve their current conflicts in a manner that sets positive expectations for future conflicts promote healthier organizations.

All too often leaders focus on avoiding or eliminating conflict instead of leveraging it to arrive at a better future. This short-term focus directs leaders to force compliance, and denies leaders the opportunity to inspire commitment. The Disciplined Listening Conflict Resolution Method is designed to provide leaders with a long-term focused, audience centric, goal oriented approach that values commitment over compliance.

Leaders who develop situational awareness, emotional intelligence and quiet confidence welcome conflict as an opportunity to foster a culture of collaboration. They understand that every escalated interaction provides them with an opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to their team and build trust within the organization.

Disciplined Listening Method | Conflict Resolution Training

InQuasive’s core communication philosophy is “Focus on the issue, not the person – Focus on the resolution not the consequences”. Every investigative interview has the potential to devolve into conflict. We are proud to say 100% of our interviews have concluded with a handshake. We understand that the strategies executives employ, their ability to control their emotions and their dedication to helping their audiences protect their self-images will impact their ability to cultivate calm from conflict.

Michael Reddington, CFI created the Disciplined Listening Conflict Resolution Method to provide executives, business development professionals and HR professionals with the advantages they need to connect with their audiences, strengthen relationships, uncover new alternatives, and influence agreements. The Disciplined Listening Negotiation Method integrates current business communication research and best practices with the key components of four non-confrontational interview and interrogation techniques to instill the skills necessary for all participants to activate the truth with the application of strategic, ethical persuasion techniques.

Every Disciplined Listening conflict resolution training engagement is custom designed to integrate each clients’ core beliefs, current challenges business goals and terminology. The key lessons are reinforced with custom case study reviews, group interactions, video reviews, participant handouts, practical applications and lecture. At the conclusion of this engagement all participants will walk away with new tools, perspectives and techniques including how to:

  • Execute situational conflict resolution approaches
  • Leverage excuses to develop commitment
  • Understand the impact of the eight most common sources of workplace conflict
  • Capitalize on current trust research to increase team morale
  • Answer two questions increase their empathy and emotional intelligence
  • Capitalize on their perceived weaknesses to create resolution alternatives
  • Accurately evaluate verbal and non-verbal communication for signals of acceptance and resistance
  • Encourage their audience to protect their self-image
  • Optimize objections to identify new alternatives
  • Inspire commitment over compliance with the preferred persuasion techniques of Certified Forensic Interviewers
  • Uncover critical information with the preferred questioning techniques of Certified Forensic Interviewers
  • Consistently reduce stress and increase performance by applying Disciplined Listening Conflict Resolution Techniques

InQuasive’s conflict resolution training courses are specifically developed and facilitated for each client to assist with program implementation and content application. Our commitment begins with our training programs and continues through supporting each attendee’s skill and confidence development.

Learn more about the philosophies and lessons behind Disciplined Listening on our blog.

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Learn more about the philosophies and lessons behind Disciplined Listening on our blog.

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