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Negotiation Training Infused with Non-Confrontational Interrogation Skills.

The process for limiting missed opportunities and inspiring commitments starts well before any negotiation begins. Negotiations are typically won and lost in the preparation phase, with a negotiators ability to control their emotions and their ability to encourage their counterparts to protect their self-images. Well prepared and emotionally secure negotiators free their cognitive processes to accurately evaluate their counterparts’ communications, identify new alternatives and adapt their approaches to capitalize on unexpected opportunities.

Negotiators often struggle when they limit their vision, overestimate their strengths, fail to properly consider their counterparts’ perspectives and become distracted by their internal monologue. The Disciplined Listening Negotiation Method is designed to provide negotiators with counterpart centric preparation strategies, heightened observation skills, and superior influencing techniques to consistently inspire commitments during their negotiations.

Most executives attend similar negotiation training programs, read the same bestsellers, and operate from the same playbook. Additionally, it is generally accepted that negotiators will often withhold information while attempting to satisfy their interests. These practices cause negotiators to walk a thin line between creating alternatives and an atmosphere of distrust. Negotiators experience a stark increase in success, and decrease in stress, when they develop unexpected skills, control the context of their negotiations and patiently allow the results come to them.

The Disciplined Listening Method | Negotiation Training

Every interrogation includes a series of negotiations. Certified Forensic Interviewers spend their careers developing commitments in stressful conversations. They’re typically provided with limited time, and very little background information, prior to engage with subjects who have opposing interests. Even with the odds stacked against them, they successfully obtain the truth the majority of the time. Often an interrogator’s abilities to encourage their subjects to save face, compartmentalize their emotions and generate unexpected bonding opportunities are what make the difference.

Michael Reddington, CFI created the Disciplined Listening Negotiation Method to provide executives, business development professionals and HR professionals with the advantages they need to connect with their audiences, strengthen relationships, uncover new alternatives, and influence agreements. The Disciplined Listening Negotiation Method integrates current business communication research and best practices with the key components of four non-confrontational interview and interrogation techniques to instill the skills necessary for all participants to activate the truth with the application of strategic, ethical persuasion techniques.

Every Disciplined Listening negotiation training engagement is custom designed to integrate each clients’ core beliefs, current challenges business goals and terminology. The key lessons are reinforced with custom case study reviews, group interactions, video reviews, participant handouts, practical applications and lecture. At the conclusion of this engagement all participants will walk away with new tools, perspectives and techniques including how to:

  • Answer the two preparation questions necessary to embrace their counterparts’ perspectives
  • Invert the traditional SWOT process to leverage their perceived weaknesses and develop negotiation strategies
  • Appropriately apply the three concepts of leverage
  • Prepare concurrent offers prior to entering into negotiations
  • Leverage logistics to create advantages during negotiations
  • Evaluating verbal and non-verbal communication for signals of acceptance and resistance
  • Enhance relationships by consistently communicating to develop trust
  • Apply the favored persuasion techniques of Certified Forensic Interviewers
  • Finalize agreements with techniques that encourage their counterparts to save face and protect their self-image
  • Optimize objections to enlighten paths to agreements
  • Uncover critical information with the preferred questioning techniques of Certified Forensic Interviewers
  • Consistently solidify agreements with the Disciplined Listening Negotiation Method.

InQuasive’s negotiation training courses are specifically developed and facilitated for each client to assist with program implementation and content application. Our commitment begins with our training programs and continues through supporting each attendee’s skill and confidence development.

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Learn more about the philosophies and lessons behind Disciplined Listening on our blog.

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