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Public Speaking Training for Executives with Disciplined Listening

Presentations are precarious propositions. While they provide opportunities for communicators to demonstrate their expertise they may simultaneously cause some communicators to feel vulnerable and exposed. The best instructors present themselves as humble, knowledgeable, approachable and understanding of their audiences. These qualities enhance both their stage presence and their audience’s willingness to apply what they learn.

Focusing on fears can cause presenters to be overcome by them. Confidence on stage is born from three factors: preparation, experience and surviving mistakes. The Disciplined Listening Influential Instruction Method provides a content focused approach that encourages speakers to stay true to themselves while persuasively delivering their messages

There are three rules for delivering impactful presentations: Know yourself. Know your content. Know your audience. Anyone can inform a group. Communicators driven to influence, educate and motivate their audiences thoroughly prepare, remain situationally awareness and a commit themselves to excellence.

The Disciplined Listening Method | Influential Instruction

Michael Reddington, CFI has facilitated over 1,500 sessions and educated over 15,000 participants from over 50 countries. InQuasive’s Influential Instruction programs provide attendees with the skills, techniques and philosophies Michael relies on to engage executives around the world. Every presenter steps on stage with a series of goals. InQuasive’s team is here to provide them with the routines and methods necessary to consistently achieve them all.

Michael Reddington, CFI created the Disciplined Listening Influential Instruction Method to provide executives and business development professionals with the advantages they need to connect with their audiences, strengthen relationships, uncover new alternatives, and influence agreements. The Disciplined Listening Method integrates current business communication research and best practices with the key components of four non-confrontational interview and interrogation techniques to instill the skills necessary for all participants to activate the truth with the application of strategic, ethical persuasion techniques.

Every Disciplined Listening Influential Instruction training engagement is custom designed to integrate each clients’ core beliefs, current challenges business goals and terminology. The key lessons are reinforced with custom case study reviews, practice presentations, group interactions, video reviews, participant handouts, practical applications and lecture. At the conclusion of this engagement all participants will walk away with new tools, perspectives and techniques including how to:

  • Leverage the three sources of speaker confidence
  • Follow the three rules of public speaking
  • Answer the one preparation question necessary construct influential presentations
  • Integrate key principles of persuasion into every presentation
  • Accurately read the room and adapt their presentations based on their audiences’ reactions
  • Maximize their stage presence within their own personalities
  • Captivate their audience with persuasive story telling techniques
  • Enhance their presentations with captivating support materials
  • Defuse difficult questions and interruptions while creating learning opportunities for the entire audience
  • Structure their presentations to build incremental commitments with the Disciplined Listening Influential Instruction Method.

InQuasive’s conflict resolution training courses are specifically developed and facilitated for each client to assist with program implementation and content application. Our commitment begins with our training programs and continues through supporting each attendee’s skill and confidence development.

Learn more about the philosophies and lessons behind Disciplined Listening on our blog.

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Learn more about the philosophies and lessons behind Disciplined Listening on our blog.

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