Achieving success in leadership, negotiations, sales, customer service, hiring and interrogating is directly tied to an individual’s ability to move their audience from resistance to commitment. The best leaders and the best interrogators capitalize on the same two core skills – vision and influence. The Disciplined Listening Method integrates current research and best practices from across the spectrum of business communication with the preferred non-confrontational interview and interrogation techniques of Certified Forensic Interviewers. The resulting curriculum creates enhanced preparation, observation and inquiry skills that position participants to apply strategic, ethical persuasion techniques in all of their professional conversations.

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It’s Not My Fault – A Disciplined Listening Approach

* The following perspectives were taken from Michael Reddington’s presentation at DisruptHR 3.0 in Charlotte, NC on 4/25/18.   We’ve all felt it before.  The emotional combustion that results from our of our hearts pounding in our chests, our lungs gasping for more oxygen, our faces turning bright red and an eloquent string of curse […]

Maximize Mentorship

Heavy lies the crown. Success brings many rewards and many responsibilities. One of the greatest responsibilities your success bestows upon you is passing everything you’ve learned on to others who are eager to develop their careers. The very best leaders don’t see the next generation as a threat, withhold information and force their teams to […]


We all face seemingly impossible professional and personal challenges every day.  These professional challenges may include completing our to-do list, developing a new team, overcoming a poor leader, completing a sale with a tough client or getting an interview subject to tell the truth.  Personal challenges may include raising children, starting an exercise routine, learning […]