What We Do

Apply strategic, ethical observation and persuasion techniques.

The Disciplined Listening Method

It represents the only communication approach designed to teach people how to activate the truth by integrating current research and best practices from across the spectrum of business communication with the key components of the most effective non-confrontational interview and interrogation techniques.

Who Is It For?

The Disciplined Listening Method was created to teach executives, sales professionals, & HR professionals how to reduce missed opportunities & increase commitments to action by applying strategic, ethical observation & persuasion techniques.

InQuasive Team

Our Team is qualified to facilitate sessions that apply Disciplined Listening skills to leadership conversations, sales and negotiations, conflict resolution, customer service, candidate interviews & public speaking.

what we do




InQuasive’s team provides a series of advisory, coaching and support services designed to enhance individual and team communications with The Disciplined Listening Method.

Sales Training

The Disciplined Listening Sales Method is designed to increase customers’ value perceptions by preparing sales professionals to capitalize on a patient approach.


Negotiation Training

We provide negotiators with counterpart centric preparation strategies, heightened observation skills, and superior influencing techniques.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Training

This Method teaches leaders to counteract these cognitive forces by directing their attention towards listening for value and identifying opportunities to bond with their audiences.

Leadership Communication Training

We provide leaders with audience centric communication approaches designed to encourage all parties to protect their self-images and inspire commitments to action.

Influential Instruction Training

This Method provides a content focused approach that encourages speakers to stay true to themselves while persuasively delivering their messages.

Customer Service Training

This Method is designed to enhance customer relationships by using enhanced listening and questioning skills to approach every issue as an opportunity to create new value.

Candidate Interview Training

The Disciplined Listening Conflict Resolution Method is designed to provide leaders with processes, skills and techniques to consistently identify candidates with the highest potential.

Conflict Resolution Training

The Disciplined Listening Conflict Resolution Method is designed to provide leaders with a long-term focused, audience centric, goal oriented approach that values commitment over compliance.

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